Vertex VX-10 40-Channel 5-Watt
Ultra-Compact VHF/UHF Portable Radios

Frequency Range
VHF: 134-174 MHz
UHF: 400-512 MHz
5-Watt RF output power.
MIL-STD 810 C/D/E.
Voice Inversion Encryption:(w/optional FTT-15)
Programmed Scan, User Scan; Priority Scan; Dual Watch.
8 character Alphanumeric Display:
Auto Range Transpond System™ (ARTS™).
Transmit Battery Saver (TBS):
Selective Calling: DTMF Format paging.
9-Group Channel Management.
Optional 12.5 kHz Channel-Spacing Version Available.
(Meets new FCC part 90)


The VX-10 VHF or UHF FM Portable Radio puts 5 watts of rugged capability in your hand. At 2.2W x 3.9H x 1.2D in., and weighing just 13.4 oz., this rugged MIL-STD 810-plus portable introduces invaluable exclusive features. For the durability and performance required by law enforcement activites, EMS, and Search and Rescue operations.

Feature-rich and Ultra-compact, the VX-10 is an easy-to-handle communication component for use by transportation companies, security services, construction firms, and the rental market.

40-Channel 2-Key Keypad

Simple to use, the VX 10 equipped with the 2-key keypad is a foolproof communications tool. Programmable, Multi-purpose "A" and "B" keys access a number of functions. Select from Hi/Lo Power, Scan, Dual Watch, Talk Around, Group Select, TX Battery Save, and Page Code Reset. Standard features include: DTMF ANI for automatic unit I4 DTMF Selective Call for individual unit pages, plus CTCSS/DCS programmable per channel. Multi-mode scan with priority, Channel Management system where programmed channels may be arranged in logical "groups" for easier access, Telephone number memory, BCLO, BTLO, TOT.

102-Channel 10-Key Deluxe Keypad Option

Full-functioned for a multitude of uses. Includes all functions of the 40-channel version, plus: built-in voice encryption, Manual DTMF dialing for telephone access, and 4 programmable function keys.

Alphanumeric Display

Use up to 8-character numbers or letters, or a combination, to label each name or channel identification. Enables customization of frequently used channels for quick access. View them all in the large backlit LCD display.

Military-Standard 810 Rating

The VX-10 Portable Radios have achieved the coveted MIL-STD 810 C/D/E Rating. Built to rigid commercial-grade radio standards, these portables are designed to withstand the rigors of shock, vibration, and the corrosive action of dust and moisture.

Water-resistant construction utilizing weather-proof gaskets, seal major internal components. For the greatest measure of endurance, the VX-10 Radio is encased in black, highimpact, polycarbonate material. Rear Mount Battery, Unique clam shell design permits rear-mount battery with removable belt clip.

Battery Savers

Automatic Power-Off

Automatic Power-Off (APO) helps conserve battery power by automatically turning off the radio at pre-determined time intervals.

Receive Battery Saver

Receive Battery Saver places the receiver in "sleep" mode during quiet operation to conserve battery power.

Selectable Power Output

Four levels of power output; 5/2.5/1.0/0.1W are available.

Transmit Battery Saver (patent pending)

Monitors signal strength of last received signal, then selects the next lower TX output power level to conserve battery life.

Time Out Timer

PC programmable Time Out Timer (TOT) feature ends transmission at pre-setintervals.

Auto Range Transpond System™ (ARTS™)

This unique function permits two VX-10 Portable Radios operating on the same frequency to monitor each other's range in pre-programmed intervals. Audible tones and display characters indicate simplex range. The ARTS™ feature can be used with other Vertex ARTS™/DCS-equipped transceivers and is useful for establishing coverage patterns. ARTS™ operates with multiple units, and through a repeater system.

Encryption (Optional)

Voice-inversion encryption function scrambles audio rendering transmission unintelligible except by intended receiver. Easy-to-enable security feature permits both encrypted and non-encrypted messages insuring privacy when necessary. Voice-inversion encryption is available with the FTT-15, a 16-Key deluxe keypad option.

DTMF Selective Call

Selective calling mutes receive audio for all transmissions not intended for a specific unit. A unique user code is preprogrammed into each VX-10 to open receiver audio after the correct code is received, eliminating all nondirected chatter on the air.

CTCSS/DCS Tone-coded squelch and digital-coded squelch may be selected per channel and can even be mixed between TX and RX on a single channel.


Automatic number identification (ANI) transmits an individual ID code with every press, or release of the PTT Identifies a specific user to the dispatcher or the CAD.


The VX-10 Ultra-Compact Portable Radio is PC-programmable by an authorized Vertex dealer. Each portable is completely customized according to user requirements at time of purchase.